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eTools.ch - Privacy Statement

eTools.ch takes the protection of your privacy very seriously. For this reason, we would like to briefly explain when and which information we store and how we use it.
eTools.ch is a product of the company Comcepta AG und extends its Privacy Policy.
The following information applies analogously to the Androidâ„¢ app eTools Private Search.

Data Collection

The eTools.ch webserver does not collect or share personal information.
Consequently, eTools.ch does not store your user agent, nor your IP address and uses no tracking tools, such as Google Analytics or eTracker.
Each time you access eTools.ch, it analyzes the data sent by your browser (e.g. preferred language or IP address) in order to optimally adapt eTools.ch to your needs. This data is also used to detect and block automated queries, remains in memory for a short time and is not shared or stored. For example, we detect that you are from a country (country code: US) that is not subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
We would like to point out that personal data will be collected by external advertising providers (see Advertising Banner).
If you contact eTools.ch by feedback form or directly by e-mail, we may use your information to communicate with you. eTools.ch will neither use your data for other purposes nor pass it on to third parties in any way. After conducted communication, your data will be deleted.


An HTTP cookie contains data that is sent from the web server to your browser and back on each page request.
eTools.ch uses no tracking IDs in cookies. The use of eTools.ch is possible without cookies. The app eTools Private Search uses no Cookies.

eTools.ch uses two kinds of cookies:

A session cookie:
This cookie is not stored on your computer and is only valid during your visit at eTools.ch. The cookie will expire after closing the browser.

A persistent cookie:
This non-personally identifiable cookie is stored in plain text on your computer.
The Preferences page sets this kind of cookie to store your personal settings so that these can be applied automatically when revisiting eTools.ch.

In addition to these two eTools.ch-specific cookies, external advertising partners also set cookies (see Advertising Banner).

HTTPS (SSL/TLS Encryption)

eTools.ch uses only HTTPS. It establishes a secure connection between your browser and the eTools.ch server, which supports Perfect Forward Secrecy (please see the independent SSL report from Qualys SSL Labs). The only drawback of using HTTPS compared to HTTP is a slightly longer processing time.

External Data Sources

On each search request, eTools.ch queries several external data sources (search engines) in real time. Each source receives only your entered data, but nothing additional that would allow the source to identify you (e.g. by your IP address). The Sponsored Links are also external data sources.

eTools.ch contains links to external web sites, in particular the search result pages.
We do not have any influence on the data protection policy of these web sites.
eTools.ch includes some affiliate networks by providing corresponding affiliate links for which we may be compensated. The word "Affiliate" (or "Paid Link" for eBay) appears before the title of such links. The relevance of the search results or the order of these links will not be changed in any way.
For maximum privacy we recommend that you select both Preferences 'Use POST' and 'Redirect links'. Among other things, this ensures that your search terms do not appear in the log files of the pages that you visit via a result link. However, thanks to the Referrer-Policy, modern browsers will never send your search terms to the linked site.
For privacy reasons, we do not include external graphics that allow user tracking, e.g. the popular Facebook "Like" button.

In order to compensate a part of the hosting and development costs of eTools.ch, eTools.ch integrates advertising banners. These banners are fed by external ad networks. These ad networks usually apply user tracking for behavioral retargeting.

Ways to avoid user tracking include:

As explained above, eTools.ch integrates external advertising networks that use cookies for the technical delivery of advertising.
Today, programmatic advertising involves real-time bidding from a dynamic pool of advertisers that can change every day. It is therefore impossible to list all the advertisers involved here.

You can opt-out from all advertising marketers affiliated with the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), i.e. also from advertising networks that are not used by eTools.ch. Likewise, the European advertising industry has in-depth background information and also opt-out possibilities for each European country.


We reserve the right to change eTools.ch at any time. In doing so, it may be necessary to update this page accordingly. We therefore recommend checking this page regularly. With the use of eTools.ch you agree to the content described on this page.

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